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AmRisc Agency Group Announcement

In an effort to fully focus on the specific needs of our different Elite Producers, we are formally announcing, effective today, the formation of AmRisc Agency Group which is a dedicated underwriting group servicing our retail agency relationships.
Details of the changes are as follows:

  • The AmRisc Agency Group (AAG) is led by John Allen, Division Manager. John will report to John B. Horton, Division President, Specialty Products.
  • John allen will lead AAG Team Managers and Underwriters representing:
    • American Coastal - JoAnn Rubin, Maria Bernal and Jennifer McTier
    • E&S - Steve Rubin, Noah Crawford (General Property); Dan Glaser (National Accounts); Marcus Kelley (Tech);
      Chris Narron (Eastern Seaboard)
  • AmRisc Agency Group will market, underwrite and produce exclusively in the Agency space.
  • Our wholesale production will be designated as "Brokerage" and the vast majority of our underwriters will market, underwrite and produce exclusively in the Brokerage space.
  • In the immediate future, AAG will focus on service to our existing retail agents and, in some cases, expand certain limited AmRisc appointments to full appointments. See future Elite Producer Program updates for the latest developments.
The reason for the creation of AmRisc Agency Group is to expand the opportunities to fully deploy our substantially-increased
PML capability while directly serving the specific needs of retail agency operations. Wholesale (Brokerage) distribution
represents about 15% of the overall US property insurance market. This announced stratagy and dedicated origanization is directed toward the other 85%.
  • As has been the case since our 2009 opening to retailers (2007 for American Coastal), ALL accounts we currently write via Brokerage will not be moved to an AmRisc-appointed agent unless the agent changes. If the wholesaler has AmRisc on the account, we will not quote direct to that incumbent agent except through that incumbent wholesaler.
  • We are mindful and appreciative that much of AmRisc's growth would not have been possible without our wholesale (Brokerage) partners' efforts in delivering that AmRisc solution to the client in a challenging coastal wind market. We have also seen that with every expansion in our product offering or distribution, production for our top performing Elite Producers has grown as well.
Our Brokerage and Agency Elite Producers are our valued partners in fueling growth in 2015 as we mark the 15th anniversary of the largest CAT-focused MGU in the United States.

Contact John B. Horton, Chief Marketing Officer, or your Relationship Manager with questions.

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