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AmRisc Flood & Flood DIC
Perils Insured - Flood shall be defined as follows:
  1. Surface water, waves or tidal water, tsunami, and the rising (including the overflow or breaking of boundaries) of lakes, ponds
  2. Reservoirs, rivers, harbors, streams or similar bodies of water, whether driven by wind or not
  3. Mudslide or mudflow
  4. Water that backs up from any sewer or drain
  5. Any release of water impounded by a dam
   General Property; Builders Risk


   $2.5M - $100M TIV


Geographical Specialty:

  United States; excluding U.S. Virgin Islands
Areas of limited and/or restricted coverage:
  • New Orleans
  • California wildfire territories
Perils: Flood & DIC Flood (with incidental Earthquake as part of Flood binder)

Target Occupancies:
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers and Strip Malls
  • Habitational Schedules
  • Condominiums Excess of Max NFIP
  • Offshore, floating or over water
  • Dealer’s Open Lot
  • Locations flooded twice last 5 years
  • ISO 1-3 in VE zone
  • Equipment including equipment in the open and outdoor property
  • BI-only
  • Quota Share risks
  • Manuscript follow forms
  • Stand-alone EQ
  • EQ in CA, WA, OR, AK, HI or outside the continental U.S.
Target Attachment Points:
  • Excess Maximum NFIP + for A & V Zones
  • $25,000 minimum deductible All Other Zones
  • Excess of Private Flood Market Primary Layer
Maximum Limit Available: $15M per occurrence

Minimum Premium: $10k Primary; $25k Excess

Risks should be emailed to

Submission Requirements:

SOV including COPE
Elevation Certificate(s) for locations in A or V zones
5 year Flood Loss History or Named Insured Confirmation of no Flood Losses
Contact Information:

Lisa Cleaton
Direct: 252-247-8765
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