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AmRisc's award-winning practices build stability in the E & S wind market and deliver profitable results to carriers. Carriers know that AmRisc can be relied upon every step of the way through careful evaluation of property risks, execution of contracts as agreed upon, and meticulous management of overall portfolios.

Our business model, combined with strong execution of the basics and instantaneous market penetration, make AmRisc the MGU of choice for middle-market commercial wind portfolios.

Solid Business Practices
Underwriting Expertise and Execution Underwriters average 20+ years in industry

Teams organized around product specialization

Utilize inspections on over 95% of accounts

Proprietary Modeling Techniques Utilize a combination of commercially-available modeling systems (RMS and AIR) and internal state-of-the-art modeling and processing system (RisCalc and RiscTrack)

Unparalleled evaluation of secondary characteristics through creation of the industry-leading AmRisc SOV and inspection routines

Manage PML portfolio trough proprietary tracking system, which allows us to customize reports down to individual risk levels
Advanced Reporting Capabilities Utilize proprietary processing system (RiscTrack) to execute portfolio PML management

Track market trends such as rates and return on capital, with over 100 reports generated monthly

Provide customized monthly bordereaux to each carrier customized for their needs

Leverage Capacity $100 million primary CAT capacity per risk; AmRisc provides a single transaction

"Basket of Securities" solution to meet unique coverage needs in E&S marketplace

Single transaction solution improves control and profitability

Provide diverse geographic spread of risks

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