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The following spreadsheets and documents are produced for our clients’ convenience, assist with preparing the correct documentation for submissions, or to demonstrate certain of our unique forms.   We continue to try to be responsive to our clients’ needs in an expedient and positive way.

E & S

AmRisc SOV, Excel Template (compatible with MSExcel 97-2003)

Specific Applications for Tech Property Risks

Claims Reporting

Online Property Endorsement

AmRisc Cat Covered Property Endorsement

AmRisc Property Endorsement

AmRisc Property Enhancement Endorsement

AmRisc Enhancement Plus Endorsement

AmRisc Compass Form 02 17

AmRisc Compass Form 04 18

Compass 04 18 Revision Summary of Changes to 02 17 version

Compass 04 18 Revision Section VII, F (AR EP 04 20)

Compass Suppl Dec and Commercial Property Form

Flood Waiver Form

AmRisc CBRA Flood Application

AmRisc Commercial Excess Flood Application

AmRisc Excess Flood Supplemental Application

AmRisc Excess Wind Application

AmRisc North Carolina Excess DP2

Force Placed Hazard Application

Force Placed Flood Application

BI Gross Earnings Worksheet

AmRisc Hot Work Permit

DIC Policy Form

Please visit the American Coastal Insurance Company (ACIC) site for their downloads or click here.

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