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California Earthquake

AmRisc can provide Earthquake capacity of $150m per risk on a Full Value basis or $125m per risk as participation in any primary layer. Focusing on the DIC perils of Earthquake and Flood throughout the state of California, AmRisc provides solid underwriting solutions for difficult risks and secure risk placement.

Target Risks: General property (including lessor’s risk, retail, offices, and public entity), habitational, general industrial & warehouses

Excluded Risks: Legal Liability (except goods in care, custody or control, or Warehouseman’s Legal Liability), livestock, monoline automobile physical damage, utilities, oil & gas, transmission & distributional lines (unless incidental)

Security: Lloyd’s of London – AM Best ‘A’, XV

Target TIV: $5M to $250M

Geographical Specialty: All zones in California, including A and B

Account Limits: All Risks or DIC Earthquake/Flood; $50M; Primary or Pro Rata

Minimum Deductible: 5% California Earthquake; $25,000 Flood, except maximum NFIP or equivalent in Zones A or V;
$25,000-$100,000 All Other Incidental Exposures

Minimum Account Premium: $25,000

Contact Information:  

Debra Whitla
Direct: 281-257-5

Risks should be emailed to
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