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AmRisc currently manages over two dozen contracts, each focused on a specific class of risk or varying attachment point. There are over 65 underwriters and over 80 support staff, with all underwriters being experienced specialists. Many have loss prevention engineering experience, and some are veteran E&S underwriters; experience averages 17 years. Underwriting is organized around product specialization, which we have found yields stronger results than generalist underwriters.

Underwriting is controlled using a proprietary, computerized rating worksheet called RisCalc and a proprietary database software called RiscTrack. Tools also include market-leading abilities with RMS and AIR CAT modeling, internet data gathering resources, Best’s Underwriting Guide, SLOSH storm surge modeling and online flood mapping. Models contribute to both individual risk analysis, as well as portfolio PML management.

Our goal is to be your first choice for capacity on the mid-market, commercial accounts we target, and our objective is to provide fast, flexible, and responsive service.

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